Dizzy Gillespie


Featured Inductee

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Geoffrey Keezer Trio

If you’ve caught Geoffrey Keezer on the bandstand in recent years, there’s a good chance you’ve either heard him unaccompanied, as on his fine 2013 album Heart of the Piano, or accompanying others, notably trumpeter Chris Botti. The last time Keezer released a trio album was more than a dozen years ago, when Wildcrafted: Live at the Dakota met with just acclaim.

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Q&A with Jimmy Markham

The late musician, songwriter and original member of the Tulsa Sound

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Kay Benyarko to Play Jazz Depot

Kay Benyarko was born in Ghana, West Africa and has a great love of African music and jazz, organically fusing both influences into his music. Through listening to and studying the history and fundamentals of both schools of music, Benyarko is able to fuse them seamlessly in his performances. He counts artists like Oscar Peterson, Koo Nimo, Thelonious Monk, and Fela Kuti as his influences. While he’s mostly self-taught, he has had the opportunity to study with some the great jazz masters like Barry Harris and Johnny O’Neal in New York City. Benyarko is also the owner of his own music lable, SenkuMuzik, LLC.

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