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Tulsan Joey Hobart Crutcher has a biography that sounds like a “Who’s Who” in music, despite the fact some music teachers tried to discourage his early devotion to gospel. Crutcher’s mother reported that when the delivery men brought a piano to their home, he showed versatility when he sat down and played “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

It was Rev. John Henry Johnson and Don O’Banner who had an outside influence on Crutcher’s development of his dynamic gospel style. In school, Crutcher was pianist for the Boys Glee Club. During his stint in the Army, he was the chapel organist. After the military, he came back to Tulsa and attended Tulsa Junior College, Oklahoma Business College, and the Oklahoma School of Religion, where he studied church music.

In 1970, he joined musical forces by marrying his childhood sweetheart, Leanna Johnson. The couple had four children and specialized in building mass choirs and helping churches build quality music programs. 

Among his many musical obligations, Crutcher has found time to be Minister of Music for the New Heights Christian Center, the director for Love Connection Community Singers, Music Director for the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Music Coordinator at the University of Tulsa for the Unlimited Gospel Choir, and to be a musician for the Liberty Baptist Church.

Crutcher was born in Tulsa, December 11, 1947.

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Bartlesville Musical Ensemble to Play Historic Jazz Venue in Downtown Tulsa

Bartlesville, OK - Tulsa’s celebrated Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is hosting the Johemian Jazz Syndicate the second Sunday in September as part of its Sunday Concert Series.  Bartlesville’s own jazz foursome is performing with guest vocalist Stephanie Oliver on September 10 at 5 p.m.

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Forebears: The Mercurial And Majestic Dinah Washington

What a Diff'rence a Day Makes, released in 1959, was her biggest record, and not a single person who knew Dinah Washington could describe her any better than that. Her temperament was so changeable that a producer at Mercury Records reportedly kept four to five different playlists of prospective songs that she might sing during a recording session, hoping that one might match her mood. But Washington's mood — like a sneaky left hook — was not so easily divined. Some of those songs probably never got sung. On any day and at any hour, Mercury was going to need another playlist.

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Downtown Hosts Juneteenth

Tulsa’s celebration of African-American independence and culture will offer something for nearly everyone, say Juneteenth organizers. The festival will be June 15-18 in downtown Tulsa.

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