Nov 21, 2014 - Arts Scene: Sandy Gardner

By JAMES D. WATTS JR. World Scene

Sandy Gardner is known around town as a singer and bassist, but apparently her footwear attracts almost as many fans as her music.

“Every time I’m on stage, folks want to see what shoes I have on,” Gardner said. “I guess I’ve acquired a ‘cool shoe’ reputation over the years.”

But that — and the fact that she promises she will be changing shoes several times in the course of the afternoon — isn’t the only reason she’s titled the show she will present at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame “In Her Shoes.”

The title “really refers to the music I’ve selected for this concert. There truly is something for everyone on the program,” Gardner said.

The program will feature songs associated with such artists as Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Doris Day, a medley from the Great American Song Book that her husband and pianist Chuck Gardner arranged, a tribute to “Oklahoma” and a few pop hits from the 1960s.

Joining Gardner for the show will be husband Chuck on piano, Jim Bates on bass and guitar, drummer Tony Yohe and Mike Bennett, saxophone.

“We’re also introducing a new young talent, Sam Troxel, a sophomore at Union High School who recently started jazz studies with Chuck,” she said. “He’s quite impressive.”

Performance: 5:00 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 23, at the Jazz Depot, 111 E. First St.

Tickets: $15-$20.

James D. Watts Jr. 918-581-8478