Feb 29, 2012 - Student choir kids back up their teacher

From the Tulsa World:

"When it comes to music, learning is doing.

Students in the Lee Elementary School choir have a unique opportunity this week to set music theory aside and learn the subject through expression and performance.

It’s all to support their new music teacher, Tavis Minner, who is marking the release of his debut album with a Thursday evening concert at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame.

Lee’s choir, which has grown from 14 students to 40 since Minner arrived from another school four months ago, will provide background vocals and choreography they helped develop for the title track, “Unity."

“My favorite part is the slow beginning,” said Analea Payne, a fifth-grader.

“We like Mr. Minner because he’s really nice and really fun."

Minner is well-known as a vocalist and pianist on the local music scene, but his primary role is that of teacher.

And to him, it’s not just a day job.

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